Hello New Shoes, Bye Bye Blues


Love this song. :)

Well, technically these aren't new shoes as I bought them some time in July but I have only worn them once and they haven't made an appearance on the blog yet! I put myself on a self-imposed shopping ban for August and so far I haven't bought anything. This means I'll have plenty of pennies to buy myself some new things for my autumn/winter wardrobe.

wedges 3

I'm not usually a fan of wedges or big clunky shoes, but I fell in love with these ones from New Look. I'm loving the autumn fashions this year - lots of gothic lace, crushed velvet, rich burgandy colours - and these shoes will look perfect with some of the things I'm planning to buy!

wedges 1

As these are wedges, they're pretty comfortable so would be perfect for a night of dancing. However, so far I've only worn them out to dinner as I'm scared I'll ruin them on a night out. They're suede so will mark easily and I will either a) step in a huge puddle on the way out, b) spill sticky drinks all over them, c) scuff them on the pavement on the walk home, or d) all of the above! I would love to save up for a pair of designer shoes but I'm so bad at destroying shoes, I think it's safer just to shop in Primark and New Look for the moment!

wedges 2

I'm so excited to go shopping next week! Hopefully I'll manage to find lots of lovely things and have time for a few more outfit posts before university starts again in mid-September.

Gillian x


  1. they're lush!
    i'm gonna have to go and have a look at these myself

  2. I'm like you, I never really liked wedges or chunky shoes much, problem is, they're the comfy ones. I'm thinking of caving in myself so I have comfy shoes to wear out.

  3. Every time I see on of your posts, I just want to run out and buy more things! Those shoes are adorable and perfect for fall.

  4. wow, good job on refraining from shopping! any tips on how to do that?!
    and the shoes are gorgeous, personally i'm a huge fan of wedges and chunky heels :)

  5. Oh Gllian, those wedges are to die for! I'm looking out for black shoe inspiration as I was hunting for a suitable pair of shoes to wear to dance in last night & discovered I had NO black heels. CRIME.

    Haha, my word verification word on here today is "mingfly". AWESOME. New phrase?

  6. Those shoes are fab! Get yourself some suede protection spray, then you won't have to worry about getting the wet or stained!

  7. those wedges are so adorable!
    great pick

  8. wow! very elegant! suede shoes are so difficult to keep clean though, i agree, esp. on nights out! so its better to get them in black.

  9. Love the wedges! I really need to get some.

  10. lovely blog!
    in need of followers :)

  11. Completely & totally lusting after those wedges! Lovely blog!!



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