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Hello everyone, sorry about the lack of activity on the blog lately! I've spent the last week or so catching up with friends and tidying and unpacking after getting back to my flat, but I should have plenty of time to update now. The Edinburgh Festival starts this weekend so hopefully I should have lots of interesting things to blog about over the next few weeks!

Anyway, on to today's topic - perfume.

perfume 1

I love having a wander round the perfume department in Debenhams, looking at the pretty bottles and spritzing myself in wonderful scents. When I win the lottery I'm determined to have a huge vanity table covered in perfumes for every occasion and a collection of gorgeous vintage perfume bottles and atomizers. Due to my student budget though, I tend to stick to these two favourite fragrances.

perfume 3
This is Bvlgari's Pour Femme, a classic perfume that has been around since the early 1990s. I love the idea of having a 'signature scent', and this is definitely mine. In my 1st year of university, the first time I saw my friend - who I always sat next to in class - outside of our lecture she said to me "I always thought our lecture hall smelled really nice, but I've just realised it's actually your perfume!".

Cheap Smells (which is a great website btw, I always test perfumes out in Debenhams but buy them from here because they're much cheaper!) describes this fragrance as "a serene, sensual fragrace":
Its' refined bouquet opens with top notes of mimosa, violet, iris, and orange blossom, symbolic of naturality and purity. Heart notes of bulgarian rose and jasmine tea, followed by base notes of florentine iris, vetiver, and madagascar musk, reveal a modern sense of clarity, serenity and sensuality.

To me, it smells like parma violets (not to everyone's taste, but I love them!) and a bouquet of roses. It is both delicate and heady at the same time, light enough for daytime but strong enough to wear on a night out too.

perfume 2

This is my other favourite perfume, J Lo's Glow After Dark. I've been using this perfume since I was about 16, and I don't think I'll ever get sick of it! On our first date, the guy I'm seeing told me he liked my perfume and asked what it was - sadly I had to admit it was J Lo not something classy and fancy like Chanel haha!

Cheap Smells says:
Glow After Dark was inspired by the feeling you get when you're out at a nightclub with your friends, celebrating and enjoying the nightlife. It's all about the fun times with your girlfriends, going out, feeling good, looking good and having fun.
With juicy notes of passion fruit and ice lychee, sexy notes of pink peony and orange flower, and warm notes of blonde woods and soft pink musk, Glow After Dark evokes feelings of warmth and sensuality from the outside in.

I think this perfume is really hard to describe - it's fruity but not fresh. It's strong but not overpowering. In a way, it reminds me of mulled wine even though it smells nothing like that! Glow After Dark is the perfect perfume for a night out, but if used sparingly I like to wear it during the day too.

Do you have a 'signature scent' or do you have lots of different perfumes for different occasions? What are your favourite fragrances?


  1. Who cares what brand it is as long as it makes you smell enticing? Your photographs and perfume bottles look very elegant.

  2. I tend to stick with Lovely by SJP, I've loved it since it came out and probably always will. My other favourite of hers is Covet Pure Bloom which I had last summer, and reminds me of good times!
    I also love floral or vanilla fragrances, such as Classique JPG and Sui love.

  3. I don't really have a signature scent, but I do have a few favourites, CKOne for the day time and Hugo Boss, Deep Red for the evening, I've also recently added a new favourite, Sarah Jessica Parker's NYC.

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog xxx

  4. Will def check out yours! I'm always partial to a new scent, although I tend to go back to old faves: Chloé and L'Occitane Mimosa. Both quite pricey but they last ages! I think L'Occitane's scents are really underrated...

    Burberry the Beat is a great everyday scent: like musky vanilla, and Truly Pink by Vera Wang is another nice daytime one but very, very floral!

  5. the only perfume i always wear is chanel chance. i really like having a signature scent (eventhough so many others have this perfume!) & i feel that its one of the only perfumes that suits me & that i like!

    i haven't smelt either of your perfumes, maybe i'll have to branch out from my chanel & test out some different ones :)

    thankyou for your comment! it was seeing your owl necklace that inspired me to try & find one myself! :)


  6. I love Bvlgari pour femme! It smells heavenly. Not so big on the JLo scent though. Xx

  7. My signiture scent has to be Dolce & Gabbana, Light Blue. I have used it for the last 6 years!

  8. they say that a woman's perfume is her own secret weapon :) on bulgaris, i do love bulgari pour homme, is use it everyday and kinda imparts a unique scent on a girl. vera wang princess is a favorite too!

  9. i wouldn't call it my signiture scent but i use marc jacobs daisy most of the time.
    your description of Bvlgari pour femme sounds lovely though - i'll have to try it out! x

  10. @LadyBug
    You can't go wrong with D&G's Light Blue, it's perfect! I tend to alternate between that, Chanel's 'Coco' and Caralina Herrera's '212', they all have great memories :) x

  11. I do have a signature scent too, mine is Idyle by Guerlain, very sweet!

  12. i have a lot of different ones, but i rarely use most of them. i go with marc jacobs' daisy, vera wang's princess or simple ck one most of the time! :)

    my boyfriend created a personal perfume for me for our anniversary wich i also love very much, but try not to use up :)

  13. I love the idea of a signature scent. I think I am still looking for mine. I need to go smell both of these, because your descriptions sound wonderful!

  14. when i was growing up i always had a signature scent but now i've realised there are too many nice smells out there to stick to one! i love vera wang princess, marc jacobs daisy & lola and miss dior cherie l'eau.

  15. im not a big user of perfumes.. i actually like fruity body sprays more.. it might be fun to collect bottles of perfume though.. they make it so so elegant and posh nowadays! :D

    Animated Confessions

  16. I have Nina by Nina Ricci and one of the Harajuku Lovers perfumes, both I bought for the bottles really, one is shaped like an apple and the other a doll. I love the smell of Kenzo perfumes though, but I don't really wear scent.

  17. Hello! My signature smell is Flower by Kenzo...I love it! I've nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award over on my blog if you fancy a peek :)

    Sarah x


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