Wishlist: Tara Starlet


Like most bloggers, I love all things inspired by vintage fashions and styles. So when I recently came across the clothing line Tara Starlet I instantly fell in love.

Vamp Prom Dress & Flower Button Dress

Tara Starlet is an independent fashion line run by a mother and daughter who share a passion for vintage style. Their pieces are inspired by everything from '40s screen sirens to '50s housewives and everything inbetween.

Gingham Prom Dress & Fifties Capri Pants

Tara Starlet also believes in the 'waste not want not' ethic of the post-war years, using end of roll fabrics and recycling buttons and trimmings wherever possible. Although not quite as unique as original vintage clothes, this does mean that the chances of someone having exactly the same dress as you are much slimmer than if you had been shopping in Topshop!

Belted Vixen Dress & Home Front Dancing Dress

With everything from cute playsuits perfect for picnics to pretty gingham dresses for frolicking in the sunshine, Tara Starlet has everything you need for a vintage inspired summer. If only I wasn't on a student budget, all these gorgeous clothes would be mine!

Side Button Skirt with Blitz Bodice & Polka Dot Playsuit

Gillian x


  1. Thanks for posting this. They have really beautiful dresses and such on their site....love:-)

  2. thank u for sharing!! i also love this kind os clothes :)

  3. wow, lovely find! I'm liking that home front dancing dress!

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  5. I love Tara Starlet! Vivienne of Holloway also do similar clothes! x

  6. Ahh she was on that documentary! I can't remember what it was called, but they took a whole load of young people to India to work in sweatshops to see where their fashion comes from.

  7. Whoa whoa whoa, this is AWESOME. Thank you so much for posting about them! ♥

    Same Page Notion

  8. I love every single one of these outfits. Thanks for the intro, I can tell I am going to love everything about this mom&daughter combo.

  9. I love pin up girl, and rockability styles like these, but with a stupid petite body like mine, I'll never be able to pull them off (: Panda xx
    + thanks for the sweet comment, very much appreciated!

  10. I just went on the site everything is so cute!

  11. Fabulous stuff! Will definitely check out their site - I really like the polka dot playsuit in the final photo.

    Also, thanks for commenting on my blog - I seriously LOVE Cappie from Greek, he's such a babe! I wish the new season would hurry up and get started!

  12. i adore tara starlet too! yet to buy anything from there but maybe one day.


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