What's In My Bag...


I love being nosey and seeing what other people carry around in their bags, so I thought it was time I did a post like this too.

bag 6

First of all, the bag itself. This is the bag I usually use during the day. It's big enough to fit several notebooks and my laptop in for uni, but it's not too massive so I can use it when going shopping etc as well. It was quite hard to photograph, but it does look nice in real life. I got it from Accessorize last year; it's this bag but in black.

bag 1

My purse always stays in this bag, and it contains all the usual - money, ID, student card, Visa, loyalty cards etc. It's by Saddler and is a gorgeous turquoise/green colour. I also always carry my Snapfax with me, it has lots of great student discounts on everything from restaurants to hairdressers. My bag seems to accumulate cinema tickets, receipts, bus tickets, flyers and various bits and pieces of paper. Doing this post was a good chance to clear most of these out and chuck them in the bin! Finally in this photo, my umbrella. It's always a sensible idea to carry an umbrella with you in Scotland! I did have a cute leopard print one but I left it in one of my lecture halls one day and never got it back, so right now I'm using this boring black one from Boots.

bag 2

I never leave the house without taking some form of makeup with me. This is what I would take with me on a normal day - Lily Lolo mineral foundation and kabuki brush, Urban Decay black pencil eyeliner, and some Chapstick or Vaseline. I also like to keep a hairbrush in my bag for bad hair days, and a wee mirror for sneaky check-ups!

bag 3

I take my phone with me everywhere, not because I'm obsessed with social networking on-the-go or phoning people all the time, but because I don't wear a watch so always use my phone to check the time. My current phone is a Samsung Tocco Ultra. My MP3 player is pretty ancient by now (I think I got it in 2006) but it still works and I don't actually use it as often as I used to so I don't see the point in buying something new and expensive. It's a purple Sony Walkman and I love it because it looks rather space-age. The black case is for my camera, which I always try and take with me in case there's anything nice to photograph while I'm out and about. My camera is a Samsung ST45, but obviously it's not pictured here as it was taking the photo!

During the summer I like to shove a pair of sunglasses in my bag. As the weather here can change so quickly, it's always good to have some spare glasses in case the sun comes out. I also always keep some emergency plasters and kirby grips in my bag, you never know when you might need some!

bag 4

My Moleskine planner always comes with me too, so I can note down deadlines and appointments and keep track of things I need to do.

bag 5

My bag is full of lots of pens, there's nothing I hate more than needing to write something but not having anything to write with. All my pens are black as I hate hate hate writing in blue pen, I think it looks untidy and horrible! Black biros 4eva! And finally these are my keys. I once left home without them and got locked out of my flat which was extremely annoying and stressful, so I have never gone out without them since! The green thing is a "Monkey" but its face has rubbed off so it doesn't have quite the same cute effect anymore. I also have a little glittery frog keyring, as they are one of my favourite animals.

Other things that are often found in my bag, but weren't pictured here are - a bottle of juice or water, Hall's Soothers, chewing gum, an A4 notebook (sometimes 2 or 3 if I have several different uni classes to attend), a sampler-size bottle of perfume, whichever novel I'm currently reading, and assorted pieces of jewellery.

I've had a really busy weekend, so I was hoping to have a quiet night in tonight with some home-made enchiladas, a film or two, and having time to catch up on all your blogs. However, I've just been invited out for dinner so I better go have a shower and find something to wear, I promise I will get back to reading your lovely blogs soon!

Gillian x


  1. I love seeing into other peoples bags! I really like your one, I am always on the look out for bags big enough to fit all my things in for uni!

  2. I love that you showed the receipts; you know everyone has them in there, but most people edit quite a bit before showing the contents =)

  3. xoxo! your bag looks heavy! btw i always have some bandages with me!

  4. I wanted to do a post like this, too!

    It seems like you carry your whole life in your bag,

  5. I. LOVE. YOU. Nobody understands my need to write in black biro, & I will actually hunt for a black biro rather than use a blue or red one that is right infront of me. Haha. Ooh, this has inspired me to do a similar post, I always like having a nose into others bags.

  6. So cute! I love how sensible everything you have in there is. My bag is mostly candy wrappers and candy-to-be-eaten-later. ♥

    Same Page Notion

  7. i like post like this, it is inspiration

  8. Thanks for comment! Cute bag! You're so ordered with your things - my bag is usually a complete mess. Corinne x

  9. oh that bag is lovely! i always need to use a big bag because i carry so much junk around with me hehe

  10. i love a nosy in other peoples bags...not without permission though haha! but seriously, i might have to do a post like this myself, like you said its a good excuse for a clear out! i totally agree about blue biro's too, i much prefer black!


  11. I love having a peek in other peoples bags!

  12. I always enjoy seeing what do others carry in their bags :) i really enjoyed this post!

  13. I have a stupid amount of receipts in my bag.. They just pile up!


  14. I love seeing what's in people's purses. I'm always tempted to ask my friends if I can poke through their bags. I like your actual bag as well as it's contents.
    Very fun post.

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal

  15. yes, for some reason I like seeing what other people carry...

    I love your purse and the colour, not to mention I'm impressed with the array of pens you carry!

  16. Your purse is sooo cute and you have pretty cool stuffs inside too:-) it's interesting to take a peek inside your bag:-)

  17. Typical girl's bag !
    I've almost the same in mine :)

  18. I love posts like this! Very interesting, and I love your blog! x



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