Outfit: Little Blue Dress

I realised the other day that the vast majority of my ‘going out’ dresses are black. This is good because black is slimming, easy to accessorise with and generally quite classy. However, it’s also a bit boring. So when I saw this blue bodycon dress in the H&M sale I thought I would buy it in an attempt to become more colourful.

lbd 1

I love the combination of cobalt blue and coral, so I have paired it here with some wedges from Primark. The belt is from Dorothy Perkins. The necklace I’m wearing is from River Island and is also a recent sales aquisition. I always try and do my jewellery shopping during the sales as things usually always get reduced to half price (or less!) and you don’t have to worry about finding what you want in your size.

lbd 2

I’m still not entirely convinced that blue is the new black, but I think I like this dress enough to keep it. It seems to like creating unflattering arrangements of fabric around my tummy area, but on the other hand it does make my boobs look awesome haha!

lbd 3

I’ve got a busy weekend planned which includes watching Role Models, making and icing lots of cupcakes, helping a friend move out of her flat, going out for Mexican food and margaritas, going clubbing and taking a trip to IKEA. Hopefully somewhere inbetween all that I’ll have time to catch up on reading all your blogs!

Gillian x


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  • Joan says:

    really cute outfit!!

  • lovely outfit girl – those colours really work well with each other x


  • Becky says:

    Oh, I love this dress! you look so gorgeous. Your necklace is rockin! ♥

    Same Page Notion

  • Alyse & Gina says:

    What a knock out dress!

  • What a cute outfit! I love H&M, and you're right the cobalt and coral are a perfect match! I would have never thought of that – you looks great!

  • Estefany says:

    Oh gosh, love this! especially with those shoes =)

  • Your boobs DO look amazing! haha. I love this on you, its so flattering.

  • Megan says:

    It looks lovely 🙂
    and the colour really matches the necklace

  • Love the dress and a gorgeous colour on you! In some ways I miss being a brunette because colours seem to POP a bit more! Corinne xx

  • That outfit is beautiful! Dress looks so lovely on you!

  • Barbara says:

    that dress is great!! you look faboulous on blue

  • Marisa says:

    Amazing dress…i love that necklace!

  • Becca. says:

    wooooo i love IKEA!
    gorgeous dress and necklace you look really pretty!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog 🙂

  • Georgia says:

    Damn right, you look hot 🙂
    Blue is a great colour for you
    It would be mine

  • Kate says:

    Ooh I really like this new going out dress! I think blue & coral go fab together & are quite summery. You wear the body-con well!

  • Panda says:

    Gorgeous dress, you look great! Oh, and IKEA is amazing. I could live there haha! + thanks for the ultra sweet comment, it is v. much appreciated. 🙂
    Panda xx

  • Awesome colour, and it looks AMAZING on you.

  • Lane :) says:

    i love your anchor nacklace. you have amazing taste in jewelry! 😀

  • Helen says:

    this really suits you, it's definitely a nice twist on a lbd

  • Helen says:

    this really suits you, it's definitely a nice twist on a lbd

  • That dress really suits you! Love those Primark shoes!

  • eliza says:

    you look great lady! such a good colour on you!


  • Kristiana V says:

    oh, i love eeeevery single piece that you're wearing here!!


  • I love, love this dress. HOT!! The color is beautiful, the shape is sultry; hot lady =)
    Thanks for visiting Glad Rags to Riches!

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