The Joys of Tumblr


Hello everyone, how were your weekends? As the weather has been rubbish, I spent most of my weekend eating homemade chocolate and marshmallow brownies while discovering the delights of Tumblr. I guess I'm a little late to the party, but how good is Tumblr?! I have decided I'm not going to sign up for an account because then I really will get addicted, so for now I'm just saving my favourite pictures into my aptly titled 'Mega Nice Stuff' folder. Here are some of my favourites so far.

Do any of you have a Tumblr account? What are your favourite Tumblrs, whether pretty photographs, inspirational quotes or amusing pictures?

I've had quite a few new followers recently which is great, come and say hello! I've also added a link to Bloglovin in the sidebar, so if you use that you can now follow elevatormusik through Bloglovin.

Gillian x


  1. i love these photos, have savedd a few :)
    I dont have tumblr, never really got it but im sure ill sign up at some point!

  2. I have a tumblr, but I always seem to forget about it. I follow a few people, a couple who post stuff ALL THE TIME - I come across something every two weeks & think, "Wow, that'd be awesome tumblr content!" post, & then just don't give it a second thought! Maybe I don't really get it either.

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog and I must say it's fabulous - you've got fantastic style and, this might sound odd but I'm not I promise, really nice eyebrows!

    Tumblr is great for picking up quirky pictures and stuff, although if you spend too long on there it can get quite overwhelming. I'm on there under but I don't post a great deal and when I do it's usually silly stuff :-)


  4. i don't go on my tumblr too often but when i do its for hours! so many beautiful pics & its a great way to store up images/ideas for later on when inspiration is needed! i just downloaded the iphone app so by rights i should be on mine all the time now! :)

  5. this are so inspirational! thanks for sharing

  6. oh, i love tumblr so much!
    here's mine if you're interested (:

  7. Lovely photos! I have a tumblr, my username is pearlslaceandruffles - I mostly post photographs I like. xo

  8. Lovely photos! I have a tumblr, my username is pearlslaceandruffles - I mostly post photographs I like. xo

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  10. Great photos. =) I don't have a tumblr account. If you are late to the party; then I wasn't even invited!!! I need to check it out.

  11. these pictures made me so happy... awesome :)


  12. I have a photo blog on tumblr. I wish more people kept actual blogs over there, I love it!!
    Great selection of images that you posted here. They're all beautiful.
    I found my way here from LJ-highstreet, I'm really enjoying your blog!
    If you fancy it check out my tumblr :)


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