Outfit: Floral Addiction


I have so many floral dresses, it's getting a bit out of hand. But I just can't help myself, they're so pretty and easy to wear.

hh 05

This dress is part of the H! by Henry Holland range at Debenhams. It had 30% off and it just happened to be the last dress in the shop. When I noticed it was in my size I just couldn't say no! I also tried on a purple dress in the H! range but got extremely confused attempting to put it on, only to discover it was actually a playsuit. It looked quite nice on, but I decided not to buy it as it was such a palaver to put on!

hh 03

I wore this outfit to have a wee feast at Nando's and then visit the pub with one of my friends. I hadn't been to the pub for ages, I had forgotten how good a pint (or four!) of cider and blackcurrant was! The black flats are from Dorothy Perkins and I think the tights are from H&M. I am the worst person in the world at getting ladders and holes in tights so I try and stock up whenever I find them cheap or on offer.

hh 04

Trying to accessorise this outfit was harder than I thought as most of my necklaces are on really long chains. I tried this shorter one from Dorothy Perkins but I didn't think it was quite right as it's too big and chunky. Any suggestions of what jewellery you would wear with this dress, or cute websites to browse through?

hh 02

I think this might become my new favourite going-out bag. I hate bags that are so tiny all you can fit in them is your phone and keys, and have no room left for makeup or your camera! This studded bag from H&M is the perfect size so I can fit all my stuff in it but it isn't too big and clumsy for night time. I also love how the chain is detachable so you can turn it into a clutch bag if you want.

hh 01

I am also loving thumb rings at the moment. This ring was part of a pack of five from H&M.

Gillian x


  1. this is a really nice floral dress, i don't have enough of those things!
    great blog :)

  2. Your dress is great! You look fabulous, as always ♥♥

  3. That dress is amazing! I LOVE florals! :)

  4. love the zip detail on the dress ... not sure the neckline needs jewellery, I'd maybe go for girlie and petite if you fancied a necklace though - like a little vintage heart locket or something? x

  5. such a beautiful dress! i'm just the same, i have so many floral dresses but can't resist buying more! on the necklace front, you could try something more delicate (although i do like the one you chose to wear!)...i like thischarminggirl.bigcartel.com for cute little charm necklaces :)


  6. You look amazing in this! Such a great outfit!

  7. You are so pretty. And I agree with the whole floral thing, its so easy to fall back on them! Accsessorizing that would be hard.. I'd probably just go for a simple black necklace and ring.Or nothing? Because the dress is great alone
    It would be mine

  8. You have such perfect eyebrows! You're gorgeous, and that dress suits you so much! The zip is such a nice detail!


  9. aw, that dress is very cute, and I do love your bag too :)

  10. Love the dress! The bag is awesome too, I have a similar one but the strap is waaay too long.

  11. love that collection, so much !

  12. I agree that floral print dresses are amazing. Yours is especially nice.
    Good find!!

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal

  13. You look seriously stunning in these :-D xx

  14. Your dress is so pretty and you look so lovely :)

    mmm cider and blackcurrant...

  15. you look GORGEOUS! In the close up pic your make up is divine! and i know it's weird to say but your eyebrows are perfect.
    Ok lesbian rant over..

    PS: my wallpaper is laura ashley!

  16. That dress is gorgeous! Love the studded bag!

  17. I am pretty much so obsessed with floral dresses right now too. This is one is so lovely and looks great on you. I love the print. I think a small piece such as a locket or cute little whimsy looking pendant would look adorable with it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Your blog is really great. I'm following you now:-)

  18. Oh I absolutely LOVE your dress! Gorgeous!!


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