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I have lived in my current flat for exactly one year and five days. There are five or six charity shops on the street behind where I live, but I'm ashamed to admit yesterday was the first time I had visited any of them. I'm not sure why I'd never been to them before, I pop into the charity shops on the other side of town all the time!

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I spent yesterday afternoon browsing and a few dresses caught my eye but unfortunately none of them were in my size. I didn't come home empty-handed though. I got this gorgeous bag which is sort of a satchel-briefcase-handbag hybrid, I love it!

bag 1

jacket: New Look, jeans: Topshop, shoes: Schuh, hairband: Primark, bag: vintage

bag 4

I love the badge on it. I've done a little googling but can't find any information about 'Swift Horse'. It's real leather and was only £10.

Have you purchased any new bags recently?

bag 2

Gillian x


  1. only £10?! Thats gorgeous!
    I found a louis vuitton bag in a charity shop once for £15 and sold it on ebay for £80!
    Yay for charity shops :)

  2. That bag is absolutely gorgeous - great find! Sadly I've never found anything brilliant in a charity shop, but I still enjoy hunting around x

  3. Oh my gosh you are gorgeous! I love your outfit and that bag is beautiful. xo


  4. your bag is adorable and extremely well priced but i'm also in love with your trench. <3

  5. Great bag! And I love your shoes! :)

  6. Girrrl, you are so gorgeous! I am jealous of your hair haha!

  7. oh my gosh, I love that bag!
    What a great find :D

    And ditto to the lady above, you have the greatest hair!

    Also, when did you get that jacket? I have been searching for a short mac for ages! x

  8. What a cool look! & a really lucky find on the bag. I don't have many bags but the few I do have, I wear to death. I have an old knackered slouch bag with lots of pockets from H&M. It's literally falling apart but I still can't get shot of it. My newest love is a drawstring bag from New Look. It's tiny but I can fit pretty much everything in there! Lucky bag.

  9. ah you look so cute!

    that bag is very cool...I never find stuff like that anymore either :-/

  10. great outfit girl with a great bag for not much! with your trench you look like out of a burberry ad!

  11. love your shoes, they look very miu miu like!

  12. That bag is gorgeous! What a great find :] And I really like your jacket too :] xo

  13. Love your blog and your style! That bag is a great find, wish i had the same kind of luck trawling the op-shops :)

  14. What a find! Love the blog - I'm following ♥

  15. Emma Jade: wow, that's awesome! I always look out for designer labels in charity shops, but I've never found any yet.

    Lindsay: thank you! I was attempting to curl my hair but I failed miserably haha!

    Eleanor: I got it just over a month ago I think. I had a quick look on the New Look website and they seem to still have it in stock in this colour, black and white too!

    Thank you everyone! :) x

  16. beautiful new bag & such a bargain! i love your jacket in your outfit pic too :) i haven't bought a new bag in ages, i'm always scouting ebay for possible purchases though!

    thanks for visiting & commenting on my blog!


  17. that bag is so gorgeous! i'm really envious of your find, i'm on a perpetual hunt for the perfect satchel.

  18. the bag is gorgeous! well and you are too! really like the trench and the shoes.

  19. i can't believe the price of that bag, it is gorgeous! at first glance i thought it was a vivienne westwood bag, its beautiful. great find. i never go charity shop hunting (sounds better when you say "vintage shopping!") unless its for books! and you are from edinburgh too, great blog! x

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