Outfit: Runnin' With the Devil


It seems I've become best friends with my postman in the last couple of weeks. Today I received a package through my letterbox from Urban Outfitters containing this oversized Van Halen t-shirt.


I have been wearing it all day, and I love it! I've always been wary of oversized tops as I thought they would probably add lots of extra pounds, but I think if worn in the right way this won't be the case. Here, I've paired the top with some Miss Selfridge denim shorts (it would look so good with distressed/cut off shorts, but unfortunately these are the only pair of denim shorts I own!), aviators from H&M and gladiator sandals from Primark.


I'm already planning in my head different ways to wear this top. I think it would look good tucked into a pencil skirt, over some wet-look leggings, or cinched in with a belt and a bodycon mini skirt. How do you wear your oversized t-shirts?

I've been searching for the perfect pair of aviators for ages, and I think might have found them. Aviators always seem to be too big for my face and end up coming way too far down my cheeks, but I think these ones from H&M are a great size.


In honour of my latest purchase, I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite classic 80s rock tunes. They always put me in a good mood, and are perfect on a summer playlist!

Van Halen - Panama

Poison - Talk Dirty to Me

Whitesnake - Here I Go Again On My Own

Motley Crue - Home Sweet Home

I blame my dad for making me like such music haha! Anyone else a fan? What are your favourite songs?

Gillian x


  1. I love that top. Like you, I've always been a bit cautious about oversized tops but I think I might just have to give them a try after your suggestions of what to wear them with :) x

  2. Those glasses are perfect! I had the same problem, but found some from F21 not too long ago and actually liked them.

  3. I think a fitted bottom would look great with that oversized top. The leggings are a great idea. You can try skinny jeans, too, or long dark shorts.

  4. Very cool tshirt. I don't much about about glam rock though...

  5. i like your new tshirt :) and i lovee classic rock bands too, i remember playing Poisin - talk dirty to me on Guitar Hero.

    I love motley crue - sick love song
    the kinks, thin lizzy, zz top, iron maiden, the clash, def leppard <3

  6. I'm a real Cream fan - "I feel free" is a choooone! I love these sunnies, I was going to have to hunt for a pair since I sat on mine (ooops) but I won a blog giveaway this week so now I won't have to! :D

    Thankyou for your darling comments dear, keep in touch.

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  7. I always wear oversized tees with something tight on the bottom, otherwise I look like a fat baby bird. So skinny jeans, denim hotpants, leggings or body-con skirts all get a thumbs up from me! The grungier, the better. I always think of oversized tees as always been torn up band tees. I like the outfit you've got with it here, you look rockin'!

  8. Love your outfit, you're rockin' it! Adore those shades and sandals. Truly rocker chick!:-)

  9. Morning fello Scot! Awesome look misses <3 looking super gorgeous :-D Much love babes, Kimberley xxx

  10. love it - the top looks great and am a big fan of the music..even though I'm probably not a typical fan!

  11. ohmygosh! i think we're twins! I just bought the metallica version of this top! And just got some ray ban aviators!

  12. Gilian! what a rocky edgy outfit! love the top!

  13. that tank is great but I die for those aviators!

  14. love it! :)
    Olivia x


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