Outfit: Just Dance


I went out clubbing (that's such a horrible word isn't it, sounds so seedy and cheesy!) on Sunday night with my friend and some of her pals, and this is what I wore. I was originally planning on wearing a new dress I got recently, but when I put it on I discovered it was almost completely see-through so I had to do a quick change into something else before we went out!


This outfit is pretty boring, but I love the belt which makes it a bit more exciting. Even better, I got it in the Dorothy Perkins sale for only £3! The ruched-sleeve top is from H&M and the shorts are from Miss Selfridge. The shoes are from New Look, but are sadly looking a bit worse for wear these days. They are the comfiest heels I've ever owned, so I wear them as often as I can!


I wore these earrings, which are also from Miss Selfridge. Some of the little beads are a very similar colour to the belt - I like it when my accessories match but in a subtle way.

wine time

I had a great night out, but had to spend most of Monday asleep to recover! Today I did the rounds of the charity shops near my flat and picked up a couple of bits and pieces, so keep a look-out for some posts about that over the next few days.

Gillian x


  1. awesome belt! and I like your shoes!;)


  2. I love that belt and those shoes are gorgeous! The whole outfit is beautiful!

  3. wow. the outfit is lovely !
    I love the belt !

  4. Is that top a velvetly type material? Lovely! And that belt is great, shows of your teeny waist!
    ps- wootwoot avenged sevenfold! Glad to see I'm not the only metal fan in the blogosphere

  5. the belt and earrings definitely add that spice to this outfit!! awesome! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. Thank you guys!

    Kylie: the top is actually just a really thick stretchy t-shirt material, its so comfy!

  7. Nice outfit! I hate it when things are see through when there not supose to be.. If you know what I mean :x

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