Outfit: ’50s Housewife

50s 2

It has been a horrible grey day here today so I thought I would cheer myself up by wearing a bright and summery outfit.

50s 7

The dress and cardigan are both from Dorothy Perkins. I absolutely love this dress, when I wear it I feel like I’m a housewife from the 1950s. I had a lazy Sunday today, I tidied up the flat and made a big pot of carrot and courgette soup – just like a real housewife!

50s 6

The shoes are from Primark, and they are the exact same shape as the little high heels you used to get for Barbie dolls. Excellent!

50s 5

There was a big rip in the skirt part of this dress from an adventure I had that included climbing over fences taller than I am, but I think I’ve managed to patch it up pretty well.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m going out tonight so will take some photos of my outfit (once I’ve decided what to wear!) and post them once the hangover wears off.

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Gillian x


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  • Sarah says:

    your dress is sooo pretty!! xxx

  • oh so gorgeous! those shoes are fantastic 🙂

  • You look gorgeous!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I think yours might become a favourite of mine as I think our tastes are probably very similar.

    I love the look of your apartment too!


  • Gem Fatale says:

    Gorgeous outfit! You're so right about those shoes… You've taken me back to my HUGE box of Barbie clothes! Must get mum to dig it out of the loft for a nostalgia session!
    Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  • Scarlet Owl says:

    Love the dress. Is it just me or is Dorothy Perkins so much better recently? There's some really gorgeous stuff in there at the moment.

  • Emma Jade says:

    I love that dress! Those shoes look seriously good with it too!
    Cute blog 🙂 love the name too.. beck right?

  • Lane :) says:

    i love your summery outfit. 😀

  • I love this outfit partularly the shoes! you look great xx

  • gillian says:

    thank you for your lovely comments, everyone!

    @ emma jade: yes, it's totally named after the beck song! i've done some googling and apparenly there is a song which is actually called 'elevator musik' by Curren$y but i've never heard of it until right now… personally I much prefer the beck version! x

  • javiera isidora says:

    love this outfit, the 50`s fashion so chic and feminine really cool


  • La fille d'or says:

    Very sweet dress. The print is so lovely. And fabulous shoes! I tried to go for a 50's look today as well : )<

  • Greer says:

    you look ever so wonderful my dearest. x

  • ahhhh thank you!!! I love this dress! I considered buying it myself for the same reason! xxxx

  • lovely dress!!!!

    xoxo jenna

  • that dress is so cute – looks vintage so i was surprised to see its from Dorothy Perkins!

    take a peek at our site/blog. We are a Uk based Vintage and Handmade clothing online shop and i have a sneaky feeling you may like some of our treasures!
    Best Wishes,



  • Kasia says:

    the dress has the prettiest pattern ever 🙂

  • Lindsey says:

    I LOVE this outfit, those white pumps are adorable!

  • Danielle says:

    Such a cute dress, and I can't see the rip. Thanks for commenting on my blog:)

  • Winnie says:

    Oh you look so cute, that dress is such a pretty print!

  • Kim Neill says:

    Stunning!! honestly completely! Keep in touch gorgeous.

  • Teresa says:

    That's a very beautiful outfit! I love the color combination of the cardi and the dress. Very pretty! 🙂

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